Archives for November 2003

Hobbies and interests

I love singing and teaching voice and bell choirs.

I enjoy sewing, crocheting, keeping a prayer journal and computer.

I am interested in establishing a web page to encourage and help people who have a  colostomy.

Meet my family

My husband Ken and I have one girl and three boys. They are all married and  serving the Lord faithfully.

Melony & Jim with just three of their eleven children living at home now in Brooklyn, MI.

Ken & Lois with eight children, ministering at the Evangel Baptist Church  in  Taylor MI.

Kevin & Carolyn with eight children and are pastoring at Higgins Lake, MI.

Nathan & Jennifer with five children. Nathan is Minister of Music at Northeastern Baptist Church in Kalamazoo, MI.

What Happened To Church Music?

by Kenneth F. Pierpont, D.Min.


The subject of this paper will not be a happy one to a number of church people. It is regrettable that the subject has to be addressed at all. The problem is a blight sweeping over the land. The mission and programs of God’s churches are being heavily impacted. The blight is that of Rock Music!

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