A Child of God….60 Years Today –

Look at My testimony link…

My Saviour, My Dearest Friend, My Strength, My Shepherd, My Provider.

Thank you Lord for saving me as a small child… For protecting me from a life of sin that I know I was headed for even as a small child.

For changing the way that I thought and talked as a young child.

Then for saving my parents and sibblings.

God Is So Good…


  1. Hi, Grandma! I went to your xanga, but there is nothing there!
    This is a pretty web sight!
    Hope you’re doing well!
    Talk to ya soon!
    Love, Hillary

  2. This is so pretty. I will put this in my favorites. I am staying busy here. We get broad band by sitting on the couch sideways and it’s powered by some neighbor. PTL I will write more later.

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