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One Happy Centipede…..

Sunday, my hubby and I started out right after our AM service and headed for Higgins Lake where our son, Kevin and his wife Carolyn with their eight children, Kevin M., Taylor, Kristi, Luke, Jacob, Nicholas, Zachary, and Josiah minister.

We arrived in time for the evening service with about 45 minutes to spare.

It was a joy to be able to meet some of their dear people as we attended their service and were privileged to join in their communion service.
It was also a blessing to see those eight children (big and small) spread out across the church(with out running) º¿º … doing little helpful jobs, like collecting the communion cups, cranking the windows closed (it reminded me of a centipede the way they scurried around).

Kevin M. helped with the sound system and powerpoint.

Kevin M. is the pastor’s assistant, doing the church bulletin and follow-up and other helpful jobs to give Kevin more freedom to do other ministry jobs and Taylor is the church’s custodian.

The next day (Labor Day) Nicholas brought a little game of cards and asked me to play with him before everyone was ready for breakfast…. before we had passed out the cards there were about six children to join in and play the game until breakfast time.

After breakfast, with everyone doing a different job we finished up the breakfast dishes. Then the men and all the boys, except Nicholas, went on an errand and picked up some sherbert on the way home for our lunch.

While the men were gone I was doing some knitting and I asked Kristi if she would like to learn to knit and after working with her for a few minutes she mentioned that Aunt Melony had taught her to crochet and had given her a nice beginners crochet book and she told me that she had made a dish cloth but had not yet learned to follow a pattern.

We dicided to abandon the knitting and learn to read the crochet patterns.

After looking through her book she chose an easy pattern of a neat little heart pin cushion and set out to learn to follow the directions.

Kristi caught on very quickly and I began doing my knitting again while she crocheted.

All of the time that I was helping Kristi with her directions Nicholas watched from across the room while sharpening some colored pencils and as soon as he noticed that I wasn’t working with Kristi he came over and asked, ” Can I learn too?”… so I started teaching him to make a chain stitch.

I enjoyed so much watching their dogged determination to learn and after some big sighs and pulling out and re-doing they both succeeded to the point that Kristi finished her first heart for her pin cushion and Nick produced a long enough chain so that he could wear it around his neck which made him quite proud.

I suggested that Kristi could put a scallop around the heart rather than the trim suggested in the book. So I proceeded to show her how to do it, thinking to myself that maybe I had “bitten off more that she could chew.”

After having dinner, with Grandma at one end and Grandpa at the other (so that we would not have to climb into the benches on the sides and almost needing binoculars to see to the other end of the big table). we again cleaned the table and did the dishes.

Then Kristi went back to her crocheting and Grandma to her knitting (which I had to pull out several times to correct errors that I made while supervising the other projects.

During the meal, Kevin had mentioned that they needed my advice on fixing a hole in the arm of their otherwise very nice couch, that the Lord had provided for their family room.

So while the guys were out working on Kevin’s Jeep I decided that I would go check out the couch.

When I got up to head down stairs Kristi put down her crocheting and followed me down stairs and that is when I came to the realization that there was a “centipede” in the house in the form of all those children, scurrying around eager to help. When I got to the bottom of the stairs they showed me the bad place on the arm of the couch and when I saw that they had a couple of cushions I suggested that we use one of the cushions to patch the hole and I set out to repair it before we had to leave for home.

Just like when we were playing the game before breakfast, there they all were, wanting to help get a chair for me and Kristi ran to get needles and thread and then a piece of scrap material to help stablize the padding.

While I worked for about an hour or so on the patch the whole family came and sat around while Kristi and I sewed. I worked on the big patch and I showed Kristi how to do a smaller spot nearby so that I would be able to finish up in time for Grandpa and I to get home before dark.

I could see that she was getting tired but as soon as we finished the job she grabbed up her now completed heart and was trying to match them together to finish them.

I quickly showed her how to crochet a scallop and did two for her while she watched and then she did one by herself, and as Grandpa and I headed for the car I suggested she might want to just do the trim suggested in the book if it seemed to hard for her.

As we pulled out and headed down the street we heard our families’ traditional……”Byyyyyyyyeeeeee” ….. as we drove away”. (Something that all of the children have done for years).

When we got home and unpacked our luggage, grandpa turned on the news and I went to the computer to check email and their was a little note from Kristi…. Check this out and her link to her new blog….

Check it out and I will not need to say any more than what a blessing our families are to us.

Praise the Lord for those “Happy Centipedes”.