I have always looked forward to Sundays and Wednesdays and any other days when things are going on the the Lord’s house. Even in the little West Foster Care Home on a side street in Hillsdale, MI. while the BIBLE is being shared with six men and the helpers scurrying around working to meet the needs of those dear men.

Our day started out with a S.S. Class, I prepared my lesson for my Sunday School class just in case someone came….(not today). I also prepared for the adult class so that I would be able to contribute if I didn’t have any students in my class.

This morning in the worship service Ken and I sang, “Come Christians Join and Sing” by Christian Henry Bateman, arranged by Rick Powell.

One line that I like especially in the song is “Life shall not end the strain, Allelujah, Amen.”

The song ended with exerpts from Wilbur Chapman’s, “Our Great Savior”.

“SAVING, HELPING, KEEPING, LOVING, He is with me to the end…. Allelujah”.

I just love to sing and worship God in His house where ever Christians gather.

There is no place that I would rather spend my vacation, or my birthday or anniversary than I His House. There is no place I rather be when I am discouraged, grieving or ill. As our dear retired missionary Bud Johnson with Baptist Church planters stated in their last prayer letter…. “even though sometimes I don’t feel so great, I still go to church, because while I am there I get cheered up.”

When we go on vacation, we like to find a church to with which to worship.

Today at our West Home service, one dear man didn’t want to face the front, so the helper let him sit there with his back to us. When we started singing he kept his eyes closed nearly the whole time but I heard him singing and I watched his lips move as he mouthed the words to “Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus” and later we sang “Amazing Grace” and all the men sweetly sang with haulting voices. They also really listen as the gospel as it was given. This is so precious and exciting to me to be able to encourage those dear people.

If you have an opportunity to help your church minister in a nursing home, I encourage you to go to your pastor and offer to sing or just go and join in the singing and help turn the pages for the residence or hold the book for one who can’t.

My very first solo was in a nursing home when my pastor Allen Robbins took us to serve at a nursing home. Also the first time that I played the piano publicly was at a nursing home service. I would not trade those experiences for anything.

I heard someone say once, I’d rather wear out serving the Lord than rust out serving myself or the world.

“Come Christians Join and Sing”


  1. Good thoughts! I am so thankful for your example of godly faithfulness throughout the years that you so clearly passed down to Dad he loves nothing more than to be in God’s house too! 🙂 Thanks for your encouraging comments and I will be sure to include you in my email!

    God bless your day today.

  2. Thank you for that song! Sounds beautiful and goes perfectly with my essay 🙂

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