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Jennifer's Table – Christmas by Candlelight

December 7th

What a blessed time at the Christmas by Candlelight at the Northeastern Baptist Church in Kalamazoo where our son Nathan is music pastor.

The ladies in the church signed up to be hostess to a table which she decorated, invited quests, made and served the dessert.

There were about eighteen tables, all beautifully decorated.

The snowman centerpiece light was so pretty.

This is the dinnerware that Jennifer used and she used star cookies with our names for name cards.

The evening was a special blessing to me because Nathan gave a beautiful Christmas concert.

One of my favorite numbers he presented was “In The First Light”.

God Uses Prepared People

What a blessed day of fellowship and praise with God’s dear people this past week.

Sunday, Ken and I had the privilege of ministering at the First Baptist Church of Weston, MI.

When we arrived we were warmly greeted. The church is an old church with beautiful wood work throughout. Everything was so warm and homey and well cared for. We were also so blessed by the services.

The Sunday school opening was well prepared by the song leader and a young person played the quitar to accompany the opening. The Sunday school teacher was well prepared and we were blessed by the lesson.

The church is blessed with about 4 pianists, 2 organists, trumpet and flute players, 4-5 people played the guitar, each having a part throughout the days services.

The daughter of one of the families was visiting, with her preacher husband (from Canada). She sang along with three others in beautiful harmony, accompanied by guitars and the electronic piano. Oh, what a precious time as we all worshiped the Lord with her as she lifted her voice to the Lord in praise and adoration.

Even the family that entertained us in their home for dinner had not only prepared a feast for us but invited several other families. The hostess had called us to find out if we had any special dietary needs and went to great effort to make sure that I had plenty to eat.

It is always such a joy to me when people obviously spend time preparing for the Lord’s work as if it were the most important thing they had to do. Whether it be the S.S. teacher, pastor, musicians or cooks. God will use us all if we are prepared and willing.

Some little statements that I have often used when training musicians and teachers in our past ministries:

“If it is worth doing- It is worth doing well”
“God uses a prepared person”

He truly did that Sunday at the little church in Weston, MI.

I encourage those of you whom God has blessed with talents to practice and prepare as if you were scheduled to sing or preach or give a testimony at any moment before the KING and HE will give you opportunities to mininister for HIM.

We were also so blessed at our Thanksgiving Family Praise time, when some of our young grandchildren gave testimony of how they feel the call of God in their lives.