It's Wet

After seeing my grandson, Zachary wading in the sloppy puddles… I was reminded of the time that I wrote a song about the rain…

When we were at Church in Logansville Ohio I was invited to the Fortnightly Club ( a group of musicians that met monthly).Ha! It was fun and they usually had a theme.

This time it was Spring…

Everyone sang or played an instrument. I was the only singer… so I wrote that little ditty and also the sacred song ” ‘Tis A Miracle of God”

It was April or May…


It’s wet, it’s wet
the rain is falling on the ground
It’s wet, it’s wet
There’s lots of moisture all around
It’s wet, it’s wet
You’re going to get you tootsies wet….
Don’t get in a muddle
You’ll fall in a puddle
You’re going to get your tootsies wet.


1.  Who can make a flower blossom?
Who can make the birds to sing?
Cause the winds to sway the tree tops?
‘Tis a miracle of God.

2.  Who can keep the sunshine glowing,
Even while the rain shall fall,
Bending them to make a rainbow?

‘Tis a miracle of God.


We must pause, fall on our knees
To Him credit all of these,
And give praise to the Creator.
‘Tis the Miracle of God.

Who can make the lightning thunder,
Yet, can calm the angry seas,
Put the stars up in the heavens,
‘Tis the Miracle of God.

3.  Jesus gave His life on Calvary,
Then He rose up from the grave.
He can give you life eternal.
Tis the Miracle of God.

Word’s and music by
Jane A Pierpont


  1. My high school piano teacher belonged to a Fortnightly Club. Those are nice songs, Mom.

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