A few weeks ago as I was sitting in our Sunday School class in our little church in Portersville, OH
I was stirred with a burden to put a little something on my site to encourage the ladies of the church.

I have decided the Lord helping me to put out a small article just to encourage the ladies in the church and any other ladies or young girls who might be interested.

The thing that burdened me was when the class was discussing the fact that God wanted Solomon to build the temple and some of the requirements that God had for him.

I made the comment in the class that God wanted Solomon’s complete surrender and obedience and willingness to obey HIM and follow HIS instructions with out question.

Isn’t that what He wants from each of us as His children.

Last night while I was talking with one of my grand-daughters on a chat over the internet, we began to discuss something that could be done in fun on the internet and I mentioned to her the possibility that, though it was funny and fun to do, I felt it might be something that could be used in a wrong way and be deceptive.

What came next was a joy to me. She responded that she appreciated the fact that I had pointed it out to her and she thanked me for helping her to do right.

When I mentioned that the Lord would bless her for her sweet spirit in her response she said that I had been an encouragement to her.

To me the reverse was true. She had been an encouragement to me in her response of respect and honor to my suggestion, even if she might have felt differently than I. She listened with respect and thanked me for my opinion. What a Godly spirit.

What a joy to know that there are some young people who want to do right and are willing to listen to advice from their parents and even grandparents with respect.

Earlier that day I had chatted with another grand-daughter and she shared with me how very much she wants the “perfect will” of God in her life with relation to he life’s choice of a husband for her.

Moms, isn’t this exciting to you. What a joy this is to me.

This attitude is what God wants, not just in young people making small and big divisions in their lives, but He wants this for each of us as their moms and grandmother.

Have you totally surrendered you will to Christ.

God wants for us as He asked of Solomon.

Here are my instructions
Follow them in obedience, with a right heart attitude.
You will be blessed

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