Precious Memories of a dear Saint…

Yesterday, as we were doing our weekly Monday morning grocery shopping we decided to look for a little yard decor, that would fit into our budget, for our little parsonage in the country of southern OHIO.

Ken picked up a couple of small fur trees that promise to grow to about 7 foot maximum.

As we were heading for the check out, a beautiful, familiar, lavender flower caught my eye and, (to quote my dear daughter-in-law, Lois who has a wonderful eye for floral beauty) “I just fell in love with it.”

As I was walking toward the car, a lady waking my way was obviously looking at me and my flower as if she wanted to talk. As we drew closer she said to me, “What is that?”

I proudly told her that it was a Clematis and she “oh-ed and ah-ed” as we both shared our love of such beauty.

Only God could do that.

This particular flower was of very special interest to me because of our very dear friend who is now with the Lord in Heaven. Her name is Blanche Dietz and she had a trellis on the front porch of her mobile home, completed loaded down with beautiful lavender Clematis.

Blanche was in her nineties and loved the Lord dearly. She was a registered nurse and found Christ as her Saviour while in her seventies, through the ministry of Dr. David Allen in the Detroit area. She loved to read her Bible and read of end-time events.

In her last years she got so that she did not leave her home and our folk at Jonesville Baptist Church would take dinners in to her to encourage and help her out with housekeeping and various acts of kindness.

Pastor (my husband) would often arrange to stop by her little home, morning or afternoon while on errands or calling and exercise his one culinary capability by fixing her scrambled eggs, which she would gratefully sit right down, at her snack bar in her kitchen, have a two sentence prayer of thanks as if she had been talking to the Lord all day and then “wolf” them down as if she had not eaten for a week.

Right after Sunday dinner, I would tell Ken to leave the dishes, I would fix up a plate of food for her, grab my recorder and music and head over to her home for a little visit. She loved for me to sing to her and I would also share what the message was about and a little news about the church folk.

You are right when I got back home the dishes were all finished and scattered all over the kitchen for me to put away. He loved to stack them in precarious positions just to aggravate me. and listen to me complain. Love that man.

I am praying that the Lord will bless us with some beautiful memories, growing on our trellis, which we may get next Monday, the Lord willing, when we go shopping at our favorite exclusive store with a garden shop… which I jokingly call, “Wal-Martae’ “.


  1. Jane,

    I love to read your stories on your website. You are such an encouragement and you are so right, what a blessing to know that our grandchildren are growing up under the influence of godly parents and grandparents. We need to faithfully pray for them and encourage “doing right” when we see them doing it. I just praise the Lord that he joined our families and allowed us to be great friends as well!

    Love you much,


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