Praise the Lord, He Never Changes

Well, moving can be stressful.

First you begin right away changing your address so that things will go smoothly, call all utilities and have them stopped and started on the best days for all concerned, tell all your friends to get out their erasers, and then get on the computer and try to edit your personal data (which is no small task).

Then you dutifully go to the secretary of state to get a new drivers license….

Not so fast, wait, “do you have the list?” They ask.

Yes, that is right there is a list of things that you need to get a new drivers license.

To get a new MI drivers license I had to send for a certified copy of my birth certificate with a raised seal because mine was a photo copy (which I have used for I don’t know how many years, with no questions asked).

So I sent a photo copy of my copy of my birth certificate to Cassopolis County Clerk with a check for $13 and less than a week later I received my real birth certificate and they say and I quote, “please note” that the date on my birth certificate on file is august 28…..

I think someone must have been asleep when they recorded it because I have celebrated my birthday for sixty-nine years on august the 26th according to the copy my parents gave me.

I wonder who made the mistake.. My parents, the Dr., The clerk…. Oh dear…. This is pretty serious.
Now when should I celebrate my birthday….???

When I go to pick up a prescription am I going to have to give the 28th for my birthday….Will my drivers license expire on the 28th. Do I celebrate both days…. Ha ha!

I have always celebrated my spiritual birthday on the 28th as I remember being saved two days after my birthday. Which now makes my birthday and salvation on the same date.

What a trauma for an old lady. Then again why should I complain if I am two days younger.

“Praise the Lord, He Never Changes”

Hebrews 13:8
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.


  1. I’m Evelyn from Pastor Pierpont’s church in Taylor.
    My husband celebrated for 33 years Apr. 7 then we found out it was April 27. for three years we celebrated both but that got old and expensive.
    Change well, Social Security said as long as it’s in the same month it isn’t a problem. The only time we have a problem is we can’t check our IRS refunds online because they have it set in the computer.
    I have both birth certificates. They made it out so he could go to school.
    Isn’t is good your spiritual is the same day. The Lord knows exactly how old we are and like you said, “Praise the Lord, He Never Changes.
    Sorry, this is long but I need to tell you we just moved in May for the 29 th time in 43 years. We love our apartment. This is the home the Lord has given us.

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