FINALLY HOME – Leaving A Faithful Heritage

Saturday we had the precious privilege of going to Fort Wayne, IN. to celebrate the life and home going of my Aunt Wilma.

At the memorial service her Pastor told about a piece of notebook paper that Aunt Wilma had shared with him.  It was a list of Scripture verses that my grandmother ( a single mom from the time my daddy was nine) made up for him and his little sister, Wilma, to memorize while doing the dishes.


My paternal grandmother was a precious Christian woman named, Grace, who loved the Lord and raised her two children faithfully for her Savior.  She worked at The Clark Equipment Company in Buchanan, MI. until her retirement.

When I was a teenager grandma bought a twelve base accordion and seeing my love for music and musical instruments she selflessly loaned it to me to use as long as I needed it. When I got married I returned it to her and she used it at Sunday school class parties and picnics.

Aunt Wilma was my mentor and faithful Christian example from the time I was a young girl, though we were never close geographically. I always looked forward to seeing her at Christmas, Thanksgiving and other special occasions and through correspondence.

Aunt Wilma served faithfully with Uncle Leland in the ministry for over forty years. They had two children Jerry and Kay.

Kay was diagnosed with lung cancer and within the year went to be with the Lord when she was in her mid-thirties leaving her husband and four children. She gave a precious testimony with her memorial service that she had prepared herself, including honorary pallbearers made up of the church youth group led by her and her husband.

Jerry became a pastor, ministered in several churches and later served as the President of Great Lakes Christian College from 1994-99.

Aunt Wilma was a choir leader, pianist, teacher, and loved her Heavenly Father and served Him faithfully.

One time not too many years ago while visiting Aunt Wilma and Uncle Leland at Golden Years Homestead in Fort Wayne they shared with my husband and me that the preacher had married them from his sick bed. One would think that from such an unorthodox beginning it might not last, but it lasted over seventy years.  Obviously the preparation and wedding is not near as important as the quality of the marriage.

When we arrived that day to visit them we went to there apartment to find Uncle Leland alone and he said she is out for a walk.  Sure enough when we got the the entrance door of the lobby, there she came, strolling along the sidewalk, elegantly dressed in a hot pink pant suit like Miss American on the runway.

At the funeral her pastor hit the nail on the head when he stated that Aunt Wilma was a “classy lady”.

Father, Thank you so much for the legacy you have given us.

Help me Father to follow the Savior in such a way to bring glory and honor to Your Name.

In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ I pray,


Please read this portion in the Word of God

Deuteronomy 6:5-9


  1. Yeah!!! Great story! It’s neat to hear about the people who have walked faithfully before us. Here’s to godly, “classy” women!


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