Intercessory Prayer And Waiting On The Lord

In 1996 while Ken and I were in ministry in Michigan one of our dear ladies asked us to call on her brother who had a terminal illness. After calling a few times Ken had the wonderful privilege of leading his wife Lily to receive Christ as her Lord and Savior. Then a few months later her husband also trusted Christ as his Savior. After he went to be with the Lord the wife came faithfully to the S.S. but due to her poor health and inability to get around easily she was not able to join the church but was faithful and loved the Lord. Eventually she was house bond and for several years confined to her bed.

In 2007-2008 we had moved to Ohio to a ministry south of Zanesville, OH in Zion. We loved the people and the ministry and I especially enjoyed the little back porch where I had my swing (a gift from my parents). The porch was in the shade almost the whole day and I spent many hours crocheting and reading. I also started my “Chats With the Pastor’s Wife” on this site.

We often corresponded with Lily and she was very faithful to write, send birthday wishes and prayers for us and our ministry.

One afternoon the phone rang in the parsonage and it was Lily. She was excited and asking us if we thought we would be interested in a job that was available at the little retirement Village where she lived and where we had called on her many times.

The job consisted of an opening for a “sitter” at the village there in Michigan and she described it as “being responsible for setting up and managing the emergency phone system. which included our housing in exchange for our services”. This necessitated our having a key to access the apartments of the residents in times of emergency.

We were happy where we were in Ohio and loved the folk there and had no thoughts of leaving there and so we thanked Lily and told her that we would pray about it and that we would get back with her soon.

Ken and I talked it over and prayed about it and had pretty much decided to turn it down. and dismissed it from our minds and a short time. Then we began to think that we should consult with our children. We really did not wish to retire from the ministry but we also realized that it was quite a hardship for the children to come so far to visit us and they were concerned about our advancing years and some health issues that Ken was having at the time.

We the children an email asking for their advice and in no time we received emails back from them all saying that they felt it would be a nice thing for us and it would be a somewhat central location for them to come to visit us and visa versa. Prior to our moving to Ohio they had all let it be know that if we every needed a place to stay we were welcome in their homes.

We contacted Lily and she put us in touch with the management. After a few interviews on the phone, our back ground checks, an agreement that we would be available pretty much around the clock, and that we would want to be able to be free to attend church twice on Sundays and prayer meeting on Wednesday nights we set up an appointment to be interviewed. We were hired and arrangements were made for us to move in July 2008.

We began sorting our belongings, threw away or gave away many of our treasured items since we would be moving to a one bedroom apartment in the village. When we arrived we had to rent a storage place because to still had too much “stuff”. Over a period of a month we were able to persuade some of the children to take some things off our hands and fit a few things into the apartment.

The day after we moved in we were scheduled to go with the providers of the “alert phone system” and show us how to program them. I stayed in the apartment while Ken ran when with the service man and each time the program one of forty phones the phone would ring in the apartment which I would answer to confirm that it was working. In the intervening times about every 10-20 minutes I was trying to get settled and unpacked.

Of course we were all happy because her apartment was right across the street from ours.

Many times while we lived there we were able to go over and visit and have a time of prayer and devotion with Lily… I often would pray with or sing to her.

While we worked there we also had opportunity to volunteer our services distributing the monthly and quarterly commodities (which got to be quite a job in itself), I loved doing it as far as the paperwork and interaction and friendship with the other volunteers but it was way to hard on me physically.

Also, when the alert phones rang in our apartment we would respond and determine whether an ambulance was needed. We were not required to help them physically but at times it would be something that we could do for them (such as their phone needed maintenance or their was a strange sound in the apartment) and often serious emergency needs which required our calling 911 and open the apartment for them to enter. We helped with holiday meals for the residents and I also worked for a time in the office answering the phone.

Being there for 22 months we met a lot of dear folk and established some lasting friendships and of course found the need to pray for many of them and considered it an honor to pray for them and do little errand or acts of love as you would in any neighborhood.

We were especially concerned for one lady who was very limited and had many needs We tried to be neighborly and encouraging to her and we were also concerned because she needed the Lord in her life. I would stop in and Ken would check on her often to make sure that she was o.k., since she had fallen several times and was not able to help herself.

I volunteered to start a Bible Study in the community room and several of the ladies attended. One of the ladies (Jenny) who attended the Bible study was a member of the South Litchfield Baptist Church and they were in need of someone to preach for them while looking for a pastor. She knew that Ken preached at several surrounding churches to fill in for area pastors. She gave the pulpit committee Ken’s number and we were contacted. and in September of 2009 he filled the pulpit for the first time and several times after that until January when they asked him to be interim pastor.

During this time Lily’s health was deteriorating rapidly and her family made the decision to begin to make the arrangements to move her to a nursing home in the Fort Wayne area where she would be closer to her son.

As things progressed at the church they decided to call Ken as their pastor and he gave his notice at the village and Lily moved to Fort Wayne about one week before we moved to the parsonage.

The one lady that we tried to help and prayed much for was moved recently to a nursing home and when we heard of it Ken began including her in his calls to the nursing homes.

This past Tuesday, when he called on her after three years of prayers she trusted Christ as her personal Savior sweetly praying in her own words to receive Christ.

The Lord used Doris who was concerned for her brother’s spiritual needs and prayed and asked the pastor to call on him.

Donald & Lily trusted Christ because of those faithful prayers and concern.

God used Lily to be instrumental to bring us back to this area, in His wisdom he used Jenny to share with the pulpit committee of our availability and now here we are involved in the ministry to which he has obviously lead us.

We have had the privilege of ministering with this dear congregation for two years since Ken first filled the pulpit until now and we have grown to love them. We are so happy in the service of the King and so thankful for his wonderful provision of a place to serve him.

Wait on the LORD… He is in control and knows so well what is best for each of us. Thank you Lord.

ISAIAH 40:31

“They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.”

I Thessalonians 5:17
“Pray without ceasing”

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