Audio = Encouraging Words from Heart to Heart

Audio = Encouraging Words from Heart to Heart


  1. Holly Long says:

    I loved it!! Encouraging to hear and very inspiring. Keep it up! I have thought about you many times today while unpacking. Your bowl sits inmt kitchen and also a verse memorization booklet you gave me on my birthday. Love it. Love you!!

    • Jane Pierpont says:

      Thank You… just an idea…you may subscribe to my site if you wish to be notidied when I post
      love you.


  2. Elisabeth Pierpont says:

    I like this, Grandma. It’s good to hear your encouraging voice. Love you.

  3. Good work. Keep it up! I love hearing your voice.

  4. Dawn Giehl says:

    I loved hearing your encouraging words. Jennifer reminded me today how valuable your advice is….hoping we can talk and pray together soon! I miss you!



    • Jane Pierpont says:

      Thank you Dawn.. looking forward to that… I am planning on posting my 2 min. audio on Wednesdays… watch for them..

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