October 5, 2014         JANE’S HEART TO HEART    ….PASTOR’S HELPMATE



Reviveourhearts.com has published several 30-Day Challenges.   Here is the plan… Pray for your Pastor or Pastor’s Wife, Prayer for you Husband or your Wife, 30 Days of Gratitude ( just be thankful intentionally for 30 days). You can choose your own challenge.   Here we go…. Wow, I thought to myself, I think I will do this, because I considered myself a good and loving wife and I can do this.. Write it down or give that person notes.

Day One:

You can’t say anything negative about that person… To that person… or to anyone else, about that person.

You must say something that you admire or appreciate about that person every day!      OK let’s get started.

This is just the beginning of these very insightful challenges….

Well to tell you the truth I had good intentions when I did this and I proceeded with the idea that I was going to be able to change my husband into the ideal man by doing this and I will say that it definitely made a big difference in his response to me over time, but some years later I thought I would go through it again because I wanted to do better, but this time I realized that it was me who really had changed  my attitude and my thinking about him and yes, I needed to do even better.

You have heard of the expression “Stink’n Think’n “?  Well this was what I began to realize. I became convicted about my own need to change completely how I thought about him. I was doing a lot of negative thinking even though I had prayed that God would help me to be loving and kind. I realized that I had a critical spirit. This challenge helped me to see the positive things about my husband which were hidden behind my critical spirit making it hard for me to find things I really appreciated.

That person you choose could be your husband, your child, your parents, a neighbor,  a fellow Christian, your employer, a customer, fellow student, roommate, sister or brother. Greet that person in a positive way and think of positive things to say to encourage them during the day. Sometimes it will be hard. It might be wise to write out a few things before hand. Be honest and don’t flatter. If you blow it, Don’t give up.

The real issue is to change completely how we respond to the people with whom we interact. “Through love serve one another” Gal.5:13b. Of course we know that this is a pure Christian love with the motive of becoming more like Christ and more able to encourage someone else to grow in the Lord or come to faith in Christ.   Often we have  such a negative response to people and life in general, that it is no wonder that our outreach for Christ falls on deaf ears. Let’s set out today to encourage someone  with our life.    There are many practical things you can praise.

Eph. 4:29 “Let no corrupt  communication proceed out of your mouth,but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearers.”

I would encourage you to go to reviveourhearts.com and look up those challenges and begin one and see what a difference it makes in your life, personally.

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