May 17, 2015   Jane’s Heart to Heart   ….Pastor’s Help Mate

My Darling, Best Friend, and Husband of 60 years this Dec.24.

Faithful Provider – 25 years studying, working, being a pastor, teaching, so that he could support his family while ministering in struggling works which could not pay a full-time wage. While a Chaplain in Viet Nam he wrote me a letter every day and even sent some of his living money home in addition to our dependency allotment. When he got home from VietNam he immediately found any honest job… One doing a Corn Huskers Lotion survey dressed in bib overalls and a straw hathe gave them a $10 bill if they could produce a bottle of Corn Huskers in the house, three times work several total years as a church custodian in 4 separate churches including Catholic, Two Methodist, and a Baptist church in conjunction with pastoring his own church,  We always joked about how those other churches were supporting our ministry.

Timely Even when working full time, attending college and seminary he was always  there when he said he would be there and still is… When he is out calling or on an errand…most of the time right on the minute I could plan the meal and have it ready and the kiddies could watch out the window.     The kids tease him still because  he always gave fair warning when he would depart saying “5 minutes” or  “2 minutes or in the car at 8:34. (Why I love living next door)  Beginning in the morning he somehow calculates just how much time it takes to go to Kies house or to see Evelyn in Jackson or  to fix the light in the sign.  If he is running late I can be pretty sure he had a problem and with  the cell phone I will receive a call even if he is only a mile away.    Since I have been pretty much on liquids and he knows how satisfying McDonald Frozen Yogurt is for me, he will bring one packed in the cooler a special way to keep it cold and a “sorry”  if it tips en route.  Thank you, Honey.

Patience – Though he was not always a patient waiter he never kept us waiting if he could possibly help it. When we go to WalMart on Monday morning I ‘jump” on a scooter and go my way and he goes his and when we have had ample time we try to meet in the grocery department to finish up together.  I watch for his black Russian hat and the box with the bottled water in the cart. Last week I zoomed back and forth and could not find him  in  his usual places and finally decided to go to the front to see if he was there– sure enough, looking back and forth Patiently waiting and when I apologized he assured me it was only a few minutes. 

Selfless – He has never had a hobby or night out with the guys. His love is the ministry, serving God, his family and helping people to find Christ and earnestly wants to be there for you in the hard times.

Servant – helps with laundry – holding up one of my shrunken sweaters- suggested that our youngest g-gr-daughter, Keira might be the right size.  When finishing dishes often delights in exasperating me by piling them around the whole counter in precarious positions… Which he doesn’t do as much since my  shaky hands and failing vision cause me to knock them over and break them….. 

Oh, well, Nobody is perfect  but today is His birthday and he is a “Basket Case when it comes to gift shopping,   but his stedfast faithfulness, patience and love shown to me exemplifies this Scripture:

“Likewise, husbands, live with your wives in an understanding way, showing honor to the woman as the weaker vessel, since they are heirs with you of the grace of life, so that your prayers may not be hindered” (1 Peter 3:7)

Happy Birthday, I love you, Sweetheart!


  1. Nancy Barber says:

    Your husband is a special, godly man. You are so blessed to share so many years with him. I hope Dick and I can stay together as long as you and your husband have. He sounds so much like my godly husband. Our 44th anniversary is this August. Maybe the Lord will return before then. If so, that will be truly awesome. Awesome is a word that should be reserved for the second coming of Christ. Awesome is used in every day language so often that it has lost it’s power. It’s a powerful word. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Hallelujah !!! That is AWESOME!!

    • Jane Pierpont says:

      Thank you, that surely is AWESOME… thank you dear one for your comments. Praying that your husband is improving.

    • Jane Pierpont says:

      Thank you, Nancy…. so sorry I did not see this comment until now… I appreciate your encouraging words… Isn’t he Wonderful

  2. Yup! That’s my dad and I am crying my eyes out right now as I reflect on the honest and sweet words from mom. I love you both!!

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