The Song That I Sang at Our Wedding – Dec. 24, 1955

At our wedding as Ken waited at the altar and  my dear father, Beryl Allen Shipley, stood with me at the back of the church before we processed  down the isle,  I sang this song.

It Was Heaven’s Grace that Made Thee Mine

You come to me to share life’s rain and sunshine,

Its dirges and its glad refrains;

To be with me in hope and disappointment,

In every loss, in all life’s gains.

Now, since we two have sought the will of Heaven,

And strive to walk the path of God’s decree,

He will make our joys increase, With a love that cannot cease,

He can give us perfect peace, always.


It was Heaven’s grace that made thee mine,

Only Heaven could give such love as thine.

Now all the loneliness and fear have passed away, And you are mine for aye;

Ah, your call to me, in love’s sweet voice, Made my heart of hearts rejoice.

Now my joy is complete and all the day is bright …

Since the grace of Heaven made thee mine!

Norman J. Clayton (1951)

This song was published in  Wedding Melodies  with Hammond Organ Registration  by Gospel Songs, Inc. Babylon NY…1951….   I have it in my library.

I found the following note on the internet several years ago.  I have the book but wanted a quick short cut to the words so I would not have to type them… and I found this on the internet but don’t have the link any longer….  Since I have the book and also usually made a large print copy of the words to songs I used to sing,  I also had it in my computer files.

Wylie Fulton & Louie Lee Stone – Wedding

N.B. Norman J. Clayton (1903-1992) was an accomplished hymnwriter who is noted for other songs such as “Now I Belong to Jesus.” The above hymn, however, is very rare, and was sung at the wedding ceremony of Wylie & Lou Fulton in Waco, Texas, December 8, 1962. Our service was conducted by the late Pastor Tom L. Daniel of Tabernacle Baptist Church. This song was selected and recommended to us by our dear friend Mrs. Brown, the church pianist. It was sung by another dear friend Ed Lane. A search on the internet failed to locate these words and so I have posted them here. These lines are worthy of being preserved. Truly a great song for two people who have in prayer sought the will of Heaven in their choice of each other as lifetime mates! May the Lord make these words a blessing to all who come to this site. If any copyright is hereby infringed, we apologize. To my wife, Lou, after 45 years I can sing with all my heart, as in 1962: “It was Heaven’s grace that made thee mine!” It is wonderful to believe that Romans 8:28 applies to all areas of a believer’s life, including MARRIAGE.

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