November 1, 2015,  Jane’s Heart to Heart   …Pastor’s Help Mate

November 1, 2015, Jane’s Heart to Heart …Pastor’s Help Mate

Izabella -and-A Snow Globe                

In communist Romania we could not attend church, have Bibles, or talk about God.   I was 7 and my brother was 10 and we found a Bible hidden in the floor of our house. We didn’t know what it was. We started reading it like they taught us in school—from the beginning to the end. We’d never heard these stories before.

“I want to learn how to pray so I can start praying for snow.”  Then in fifth grade I was invited to a little underground church by one of my classmates. I begged my dad to let me go and he said I could if my brother went with me.  When the pastor began to tell the story I realized It was from the Bible like we had at home.  When I was 13 it was very cold in September. We didn’t have electricity most nights so when it got dark it was bedtime for us kids. We were only allowed outside at night if it snowed.  We could see better.

I had heard a lot about prayer, but never actually heard somebody pray. Even at the church, the pastor could never actually pray in front of us or share the Gospel. Under communism, he never knew who was a spy. He had to be very careful.

I told him I wanted to learn how to pray so I could start praying for snow. That night he taught me how to pray. “Izabella, just talk to God, He is your best friend. You tell Him what’s on your heart and  He will answer.”

Why haven’t I been asking for more stuff? I’m definitely going to ask for snow.  I went to the window the next morning expecting to see snow and there wasn’t any. I wondered, What’s wrong? What happened?  Pastor told me that God always answers prayers.

There was still no snow in December and I was very, disappointed. I told the pastor, that I didn’t think that this prayer thing  worked. Then, he reminded me that perhaps God has something different in mind.  Christmas came and still no snow. I lost my zeal of taking the Bible out every day and reading it.

A couple of days later, people started running in the streets. In Romania that meant one thing— there was something at the grocery store. We thought it might be oranges or bananas because of Christmas. 

We put on our shoes and ran as quickly as we could to get in line. As we ran people were passing the store.  Big trucks pulled in and there were lots of people there who were happy. When they opened the backs of the trucks, there were lots of colorful boxes. A lady came up to me and said, “This is yours.”  — I finally got it. He was a God who was real and He was looking out for me.”  She said that it was totally mine and wondered if there was anything she could pray about for me.  I asked if she would pray with me for  snow?”  She didn’t ask any questions, she just did it. Then she gave me a hug.  My shoebox was so colorful. I’d never seen so many colors! Even Christmas presents were wrapped in brown paper bags. This was the first thing that stood out to me.

Then I took out a snow globe and held it, wondering what it was. A little boy passed me and grabbed my hand and started to shake it really hard.   I looked at it and remembered exactly what my pastor said. “God will answer your prayers. Keep your eyes open because it might not look the way you want it, but He will answer.”   I thought, This is it! It felt like it was snowing all around me.

God, I prayed, I thank you for my snow and just apologize for shoving the Book back. I’m going to keep reading it.

We can’t put snow globes in shoeboxes anymore because they are liquid and might break, but I will never forget that moment. It was a moment of knowing this God that had been pursuing me through His Word since I was 7. I finally got it. He was a God who was real and He was looking out for me and He does answer prayers

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