God’s Response to Us vs. Our Response to HIM

God’s Response to Us vs. Our Response to HIM

November 10, 2015

I posted this in my Face Book Study Group today of Cynthia Heald’s book, “Intamacy with God – In the Psalms  Chapter 6.

This chapter is about how responsive God is and that is such a blessing in which we all benefit.

I would like to respond to pg. 44 The God Who Answers. 

Question 1: We can certainly depend on that… 34: 4-6  “I cried to the Lord in may suffering and he heard me and set me free.”

Question 2: 107:7 Safety, v.8, rebelled, yet HE rescued,  v. 9, Satisfies ,showers compassion, v.13, Gracious in all he does.

Question 3:  What about our response?  There is a condition, necessary for God’s response to us.

Question 4: Is God unresponsive?  Read Ps. 88 slowly again?

This is what I want to comment on.

When we call out to Christ for help we must ask and expect Him to hear and respond, Yes!

But we also must admit our wrongdoing and be ready to do what He asks.

Have we examined our own heart?  Are we willing to change?

I see people on the news responding by demonstrating instead of Praying or living themselves obedient Christian lives.

In that regard, I often think of all the controversy that is going on in our world today. We Christians need to cry out for His response, Yes. I believe that  our response needs to be after we have prayed and confessed our own short comings.

Bible reading in the schools — are we reading God’s Word Daily ourselves and are our children being taught the principles of the 10 commandments.  (often I hear a response of sinful revenge and condemnation of others rather than teaching children to pray for the bully, or pray for the teacher, president or leader who is teaching lies.)

I am sorry to say this and indeed I pray a lot about this, but In our churches i overhear an attitude of complaining and whining about our Christian mistreatment instead of concern for the lost all around us.

Prayer in school— how much time are we Christians praying at home. Make a list.

Criticism of businesses who do not use the words Merry Christmas or play Christian music – – how much Christian music do we play in our homes.  Do you regularly listen to Christian Radio or TV.

For many years I have been bothered about the words “Merry” Christmas and began saying Have a Blessed Christmas.   I never said anything to anyone before about it because I feel this is not important.  Personally feel that there is far to much “merry” making and not enough Worship of Christ on the season to commemorate His birth. But, we don’t need to labor that point. 


Yet, still I do not want to make THIS an issue to the public, because  until one truly knows Christ and starts reading His Word and serving Him obediently, according to the Scriptures this is not the message they need to hear.

Governments and schools who omit the “10 Commandments”, “in God we trust”,  and “under God”, are not the problem.

The problem is “We Christians” are holding the lost to a standard they will not understand until they repent and receive Christ and, Yes, grow in HIM.

Bottom Line…… this is just for you ladies who know Christ and are demonstrating a desire to study HIS WORD and honor Him with every moment of every day.

We, who know Christ, need to be spending our time and energy, on giving out the GOSPEL, instead of promoting causes, or seeing how many things we “Like” or don’t like on FB or in this world around us.

I am so convicted about this, personally…. Perhaps our next Bible Study should consist of ways to win souls for Christ.

Never before has church attendance been lower and churches are dying around us for lack of winning other to Christ and for lack of discipling  our own children.

Please excuse my long message and Yes, I am speaking  to each of us ladies that we will get busy and give out the most positive information available to us.  That is the Word of God and His Love for the Lost.

I want to Challenge each of you this next year of 2016 to began using your social media to give the Gospel in Response to God’s Sacrificial  love for us.

What is the Gospel?   Please read Matthew 28:16-20 and read Deuteronomy 6:4-9 and begin to plan for 2016.

Read those passages several times…. then do this.

  1. Set your signature in your email and letters you write and send in snail mail with a Scripture truth about the Gospel.
  2. Pray and Ask the Lord to show you what to do on Social Media to spread the Gospel.
  3. Get some gospel tracts to put into you correspondence, bills, thank you notes. ( yes, give them to Christians too and suggest that they give them to someone who needs Christ.).
  4. Make list of people you witness to, date, response, etc. and record growth… and be sure to disciple them.
  5. Make a little by line that will help people remember you and that you love Christ.(….example…. Mine was….Singing His Praise!  and now I changed it to Still Singing His Praise in My Heart. since I am not able to sing out loud).

Thank you ladies for reading and prayerfully accepting this challenge as your response to GOD.

Still Singing His Praise in my Heart

Jane A Pierpont

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