December 20, 2015    Jane’s Heart to Heart    … Pastor’s Help Mate

It seems  that in this day and age we are trying to make Jesus into an icon.  Some say they are “Jesus people” or refer to God as “the man upstairs”, or “Daddy” and other trite expressions. I do not want to question their motives, but for me I prefer to address the Lord with respect and honor.  How  we who love our Saviour must guard ourselves from using God’s name carelessly.

We don’t address Him as “Jesus the Great”. He is not the “Great” —he is the Only. There is nobody like him. He has no rival and no successor. 

“Who do you say that I am?” Mark 8:29

I would like to say these thoughtful worshipful words by Pepper Choplin,  from Night of the Father’s Love.  Lorenz 2010


Come see the child, He is here by the fire.

Silently come draw near the manger side.

Look in His face and see the world’s salvation,

And feel the Holy peace

Fall on your knees

Open your eyes now the Holy star is rising

Rays of the light will shine to touch your soul

Open your heart to the glory and the wonder

Feel the Holy peace

Fall on your knees

Fall on you knees

Oh hear the Angel voices

O night divine, O night, When Christ was born.

O night divine, O night, When Christ was born.

Come now and fall on your knees

As you worship in His presence

Thanks be to God you have found the Holy child

Blessed are all who have seen the Lord’s salvation

Come and lift your voice,

Let your heart rejoice

Then with the Prince of Peace

Fall on your knees, Fall on your knees.

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