August 28, 20016, Jane’s Heart to Heart… Pastor’s Help Mate

On August 28, 1946, it was a beautiful summer day as two little girls made their way to the big tent that was just in sight of their house.

The Bertrand Bible Church of Niles, Michigan was having Vacation Bible School and my sister and I went into the big tent and after hearing the flannel graph lesson about how Jesus came to earth and died on the cross to save sinners. My sister and I responded to the invitation to ask the Lord Jesus Christ to save us from our sins and give us eternal life.

Although I was just a little girl in the third grade I knew that I was a sinner in need of forgiveness and at that time there was a great deal of upset in our home.

My parents were not Christians and decided to separate and eventually divorced.

hope on a swingDuring this tumultuous time, I loved to go outside in the swing and lay on my stomach in the swing. I would put a hymnal on the ground and sing hymns… (even though I didn’t know the tunes, I would make up my own).

One song which I did know was the song “Beyond the Sunset”. Because I was praying for my mother and father and though I really didn’t understand everything that was going on at the time, in my childish way I claimed that song as a prayer.

I claimed the verse which stated, “In that fair Homeland we’ll know no parting” as a promise that my parents would not be divorced.

Well, PRAISE THE LORD. He brought my parents back together after one year and they remarried and they were saved and lived faithful Christian lives until God took them home to be with Him.

[God took my mother home to be with Him on October 12, 1998, and my father went to be with the Lord on November 10, 1999.]

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