September 11, 2016  Jane’s Heart to Heart   …Pastor’s Help Mate

PAUL LEVIN and BOB FINDLEY were partners in evangelism since January 1934. They traveled from coast to coast and in Canada in their evangelistic campaigns and were also widely known on Bible Tract Echoes, a broadcast heard over 30 radio stations. They accompanied themselves on mandolin and guitar which enabled them to produce a style of their own which, across the years,  appealed to the hearts of thousands of listeners.

They traveled from coast to coast in evangelistic work and  made many appearances on radio and television, in the course of their travels. Evangelist Paul Levin was born in Rock Island, Illinois, in 1914, the youngest of a Swedish family of 12. His Mother led him to accept Christ as his Saviour at the age of four and he would preach at the piano stool. At the age of 15, he preached his first sermon and went into full-time evangelistic work at the age of 17. He was the author of “Bible Tracts” a personal tract ministry which has produced over 233 million tracts in 74 languages, some of them in Braille and a number on phonograph records and tapes for the blind.

Blind Singer Bob FindJey was born blind in Kewanee, Illinois, in 1903. He accepted the Lord as his Savior at the age of 20 and spent several years in radio work after that time. Paul and Bob met in 1932 and in  1934 they joined together in the gospel ministry.  They made one of first Gospel films for Baptista Films in addition to their recordings and wide-spread travels in evangelistic work.  Paul and Bob were known for their plain style of singing. They continued in ministry together until Bob’s death. Paul Levine died in Sept. 1996


When I was in Jr and Sr. High, Paul and Bob came to Calvary Bible Church in Dowagiac, MI. for one or two weeks of evangelistic meetings.  We loved Paul’s preaching and hearing them sing and always looked forward to the times they came. 

Often at our fellowship suppers Paul would trick Bob, for the benefit of the youth  by putting a napkin in his sandwich or putting a straw in a catsup bottle and giving it to him for pop.   He probably did it everywhere they went and Bob was a great sport and played right along by acting shocked or surprised.

Today we will share with you, one of their songs I especially remembered and it was always requested on the closing “Request Night”, as one of the favorites.  It was called “The Hornet Song”.



Sung to the tune of “This Is Like Heaven To Me.


When the Canaanites hardened their hearts against God
And grieved Him because of their sin,
God sent along hornets to bring them to time,
And help His own people to win.

The hornets persuaded them that it was best,
To go quickly, and not to go slow;
God did not compel them to go ‘gainst their will,
But He just made them willing to go.


He does not compel us to go, No! No!
He does not compel us to go.
He does not compel us to go ‘gainst our will
But He just makes us willing to go.

If a nest of live hornets were brought to this room
And the creatures allowed to go free,
You would not need urgings to make yourself scarce,
You’d want to get out, don’t you see.
They would not lay hold and by force of their strength
Throw you out of the window, Oh No,!
They would not compel you’ to go ‘gainst your will,
But they’d just make you willing to go.


When Jonah was sent to the work of the Lord,
The outlook was not very bright;
He never had done such a hard thing before,
So he backed and ran off from the fight.
But God sent a big fish to swallow him up,
The story I’m sure you all know;
He did not compel him to go ‘gainst his will,
But He just made him willing to go.


When Moses was sent to lead Israel out,
To Canaan’s rich fruit-bearing land.
Resisting His Spirit they worshiped a calf,
But refused to obey God’s Command.
God did not compel them to go to the land,
Which with wine, milk, and honey did flow,
But fed them on manna for forty long years,
‘Till He got them all ready to go.


When Balaam was sent to the Moabite king,
And wanted things run his own way,
His mule, ever faithful, spoke at the right time,
Made him willing God’s Will to obey.
God can use any man, since He used Balaam’s mule,
For He is Almighty you know;
He does not compel us to go ‘gainst our will
But He just makes us willing to go.


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