September 17, 2017    Jane’s Heart to Heart    ….Pastor’s Help Mate


Ann Graham Lutz, interviewed her mother, Ruth Bell Graham, regarding her (end of life) advice to mothers and Christian women.

She said that raising children is like training a dog…. reward them, not with food, but a pat and always encouragement. Keep the emphasis on high moral issues, truth, modesty, kindness, obedience, and purity. but not on non-moral issues; spilled milk, Immaturity, or a lack of wisdom.  Train them in the Scriptures, devotions, church, etc.  Then as they mature in their teens, listen to them and know when to turn loose, like learning to ride a bike or water skiing.  Then as they mature and become adults, college, or marriage, encourage them.

Remember, mothers, that miracles are not in our department. Leave that to the Holy Spirit. We often want our answers yesterday and we need to learn that we must give it to the Lord.  Guilt and self-doubt are a terrible burden. What I should have done or not done. Ask God to overcome mistakes and claim His promises.

John 17: 19  The Lord’s prayer in the garden before He was crucified; “And for their sakes, I sanctify myself, (set himself apart) that they might be sanctified through the truth.” We need to put the children on hold!  All God’s promises are on your side. Trust Him and run to Him and set yourself apart for His glory. Concentrate on your own holiness with God and He will take care of the rest

Ladies, Stay in the Word and pray daily….  not on your knees, but on the hoof”  talk to the Lord as you work, He is there…. all day long.  He is there whether we realize it or not….   Pick up the baton and practice that reality daily.

Malcolm Muggeridge said that he experienced the reality of good in the tough times.  She went on to share many trials that helped her spiritually.      

You take care of the possible, and trust Him for the impossible.

While you are cooking, sewing, cleaning, He is a very present help in trouble.  Hunger and thirst after righteousness. To teach children how to eat is let them see you enjoying your food. It is the same spiritually.   Show them how much you enjoy serving God and having devotions. The spiritual things are far more important than things and activities, but things with eternal value.

As a child, Ruth grew through the hardship of being separated from her parents. One of her Chinese caretakers always said, “simple kindness greases the wheel.

Prepare to pass the baton and, young ladies, today is the day to begin planning and preparing for taking the baton.   Enjoy growing old and look forward to the faithfulness of God through life’s joys and hardships.

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