My earliest memories of Rural Bible Mission were when my family became members of the Dowagiac, MI Bible Church. Uncle Bob (Duane Jacobs), directed our VBS and also drove the bus that took our youth to Gull Lake Christian Youth Training Camp each summer.

Rev. K. Duane JACOBS, age 84, of Vicksburg, died April 13, 1999 Duane was born near Jones on November 10, 1914. He graduated from Three Rivers High School and attended Denver Bible Institute. He joined the Rural Bible Mission, Kalamazoo in 1940 and began his ministry in Calhoun County. He moved back to Cass and St. Joseph Counties in 1949. Affectionately known as “Uncle Duane”, he ministered to children until his retirement in 1979, then served as SW area Director until 1983. During that time he also served as Pastor of several ministries.

While Ken and I ministered at the Bedford MI, Bible Church we established a Christian school and “Uncle Al” Ross came and spoke at our chapel services once a month…  Al Ross  served as the Branch/Calhoun Co./W. Jackson Co..W. Area Director.

When Ken and I moved to the ministry of Jonesville Baptist Church in 1994  Uncle Paul” Spotts brought the bus from the Jonesville Elementary School and  there were 65 children in the first class. Over the years we worked along side of Paul wherever we could and his classes grew to well  over 200.  He is now the Director of Field Development & Missionary Recruitment.  Often when Pastor and I would go shopping boys and girls would point us out to their parents, saying, “Look, that’s my Pastor” …

though many came only once a month to Release Time Classes.

South Litchfield Baptist Church has supported Uncle Matt, Studer, who took Paul Spotts’ position, and now today we are just getting acquainted with the Rodifer family and we welcome you and pray for God’s blessings as you continue to raise your support.

My sister and I trusted Christ in 1946, at the Vacation Bible School of the Bertrand Bible Church, in Niles, MI.  The bus ministry  and the Sunday school teachers of that church, and  when we moved near  Dowagiac Bible Church, played an important roll in our hurting family.  Because of my sister and my prayers, my parents and brother were saved  and grew  in the Lord. RBM Ministries  impacted my life to the point that after I married and began to have a family, I had back yard Bible Clubs  weekly.

I started a subscription to Child Evangelism Magazine ( 30 + years) and used their center fold visual aids  and instructions for teachers , for many years as my training. I also used Teacher Swap Shop /Sacred Literature Ministries , a free resource that was a great help to me.   I began teaching my own children and as many neighborhood children as we could round up.  My key purpose was to teach my own children to win others to Christ and realize the importance of evangelism.

RBM Ministries also gives children who already know the Lord a chance to learn evangelism by inviting their class mates who would otherwise never learn of the Word of God.



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