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November 19, 2017         Jane’s Heart to Heart   …Pastor’s Help-Mate


The key in our hand to unlock hearts is OCC Shoe Boxes of Samaritans Purse

Today we are remembering our Veterans and honoring them for what they have done for our country and this is important, but we need also to look forward and consider who will take the place of the veterans of our church.  When one of our members goes to heaven we should be concerned who is going to step up and take their place.

This is the day that we collect our small amount of boxes and after church Pastor will take them to the collection center at College Baptist Church in Hillsdale, MI.

Have you thought about what the Lord wants you to do for Him right here in Litchfield Baptist Church and this community?   If you don’t know what to do speak to me or the pastor and we will explain the steps that are necessary to take,  to be qualified to minister in this church, such as salvation, baptism, church membership. I am sure that we could give you some choices to prepare you for a way to serve the Lord. Ask yourself, am I spending more time on my interests and hobbies than I am for the LORD.

If you know Christ as your Saviour you have a mandate, the authority to carry out a course of action found in Mat. 28, The Great Commission.  “GO YE INTO ALL THE WORLD AND PREACH THE GOSPEL TO EVERY CREATURE.” Operation Christmas Child/Samaritans Purse could become the KEY in our hands to unlock hearts all around the world beginning right here in our small world.

I want to challenge you today to begin today by committing your heart to this worldwide ministry. Volunteer to be the person who will organize this ministry or be a helper. Meet one day a month or even quarterly to organize and plan how to get this project before the people in our community and become a collection point right here.

If you are God’s child you need to share the truth.   You just need to have a burden for the lost and a  willing heart and God will do the rest.

OCC is also a way to grow our local ministry by involving the community and reaching out to local businesses, and social groups to help fill these boxes.     To be a worker in this church you need to be saved, baptized in obedience to the Word of God, and a member of this church.   You can’t teach a class or hold an office without being a member.   You cannot vote or make decisions about the ministry here without that important step.

I am so THANKFUL today that God isn’t looking for people with a big head, but with a heart for service.  God wants hearts that are willing to serve Him now; not waiting until this or that event passes or till someone else does it. Let’s not be on the outside looking in.

Ask yourself,  if everyone does just what I am doing,  where will this church be in the next few years.   Don’t wait until you become a memory.  Let’s get involved today?

November 12, 2017         Jane’s Heart to Heart   …Pastor’s Help-Mate



Let me suggest that you think of a way to win someone to Christ this Thanksgiving season and set in place a reason to be thankful that God is using you for His glory.

When our Granddaughter Holly was little I made her a Holly Hobby , it was an adorable little rag doll made from a white sock and the hair was made with mohair yarn which I curled with a steam iron while the yarn was wrapped around a pencil.   I guess that is why I have always called her “Holly Dolly”. (The little doll with yellow hair at the top is the one I made for her).

This week she messaged me on Facebook sharing that she was able to go over and witness to her neighbor who is on hospice and not expected to live much longer.  Holly shared that her visit went amazingly well and that the lady could hear her but couldn’t talk at all.  Holly was able to thank the lady for gifts she had given them and told her that if she believed in Jesus she could go straight into the presence of God. Her family all listened and cried and cried. Holly believed it was Jesus who opened the door.

She shared that she really never feels adequate at times like that but that she knew God could use her and she went on to say, “I wish I would have been a better neighbor.  I would have visited her more and just been a friend.”

I shared with Holly that this conviction is also a way the Lord grows us and builds us for our next witness opportunity. Then I shared this story with Holly.

My pastor’s wife, Mrs. Robbins, who was also my Sunday School teacher, shared with the class one day how she felt so bad that earlier that week she was busy helping a visiting missionary unload her car and preparing the evening meal. Then she noticed her neighbor and said hello to her and asked how she was doing. And the lady said, that she had been felling very discouraged. 

Mrs Robbins told her she was sorry and thought to herself, “I am so busy with the missionary and supper. I will go call on her tomorrow.”   My dear pastor’s wife shared with us what a hard lesson it was for her to learn, but she would never forget because her neighbor took her own life that evening.  She shared that illustration to help us to realize that we need to use every opportunity to witness to others for Christ or pray with them as needed.

Let’s be thankful for opportunities to point people to Jesus and pray for wisdom to use those opportunities to pray for and witness to people in times of need.  

By the way that could be anytime. Often when you least expect it.  Be prepared with gospel tracts, a good Scripture memorized and then ask God to give you openings.   Then jump right in and seize the opportunity.

“But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and be ready always to give an answer to every man who asketh you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear.”

I Peter 3:15

November 5, 2017         Jane’s Heart to Heart   …Pastor’s Help-Mate


This is the first week approaching Thanksgiving…

I Thessalonians 5:16 -18  (KJV)     “16. Rejoice evermore.  17. Pray without ceasing.  18. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”  That is just not possible is it?   What is the difference of being thankful in everything or being thankful for everything?   In Philippians 2:14 -15 Paul tells us to: “do everything without grumbling or arguing,”    God would not ask us to be thankful for everything…..  He wants us to be thankful in everything.

Why?   “For this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”

Have you ever noticed that some people never seem to be content, while other are easily contented and have a positive attitude flowing out of them continually. 


Why is it that nothing can touch our lives that God does not allow?  As Christ’s children we need always to look for the blessing in those trials and rejoice.   When we rejoice  in times of trial it becomes a  sacrifice of praise.    Even when it seems difficult, God wants us to have a thankful, grateful spirit.  What is God allowing in your life right now that requires an attitude adjustment?

In A Second Helping of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Rev. John R. Ramsey tells how in one church a certain person provided him with a rose boutonniere for the lapel of his suit every Sunday. At first he really appreciated it, but then it sort of became routine. Then one Sunday it became very special.

As he was leaving the Sunday service, a young boy walked up to him and said, “Sir, what are you going to do with your flower?” At first the preacher didn’t know what the boy was talking about. When it sank in, he pointed to the rose on his lapel and asked the boy, “Do you mean this?”

The boy said, “Yes, sir. If you’re just going to throw it away, I would like it.”

The preacher smiled and told him he could have the flower and asked what he was going to do with it. The boy said, “Sir, I’m going to give it to my granny. My mother and father divorced last year. I was living with my mother, but she married again and wanted me to live with my father. I lived with him for a while, but he said I couldn’t stay; so he sent me to live with my grandmother. She is so good to me. She cooks for me and takes care of me. She has been so good to me that I wanted to give her that pretty flower for loving me.”

The preacher’s  eyes filled with tears, He had been touched by God. He said, “Son, that is the nicest thing that I’ve ever heard, but this flower is not enough. In front of the pulpit, you’ll see a big bouquet of flowers. Different families buy them for the church each week. Please take those flowers to your granny, she deserves the very best.”

Then the boy made one last statement, which Rev. Ramsey said he always will treasure. The boy said, “What a wonderful day! I asked for one flower but got a beautiful bouquet.”  That is a thankful spirit. Especially his love for his Grandmother.