November 12, 2017         Jane’s Heart to Heart   …Pastor’s Help-Mate



Let me suggest that you think of a way to win someone to Christ this Thanksgiving season and set in place a reason to be thankful that God is using you for His glory.

When our Granddaughter Holly was little I made her a Holly Hobby , it was an adorable little rag doll made from a white sock and the hair was made with mohair yarn which I curled with a steam iron while the yarn was wrapped around a pencil.   I guess that is why I have always called her “Holly Dolly”. (The little doll with yellow hair at the top is the one I made for her).

This week she messaged me on Facebook sharing that she was able to go over and witness to her neighbor who is on hospice and not expected to live much longer.  Holly shared that her visit went amazingly well and that the lady could hear her but couldn’t talk at all.  Holly was able to thank the lady for gifts she had given them and told her that if she believed in Jesus she could go straight into the presence of God. Her family all listened and cried and cried. Holly believed it was Jesus who opened the door.

She shared that she really never feels adequate at times like that but that she knew God could use her and she went on to say, “I wish I would have been a better neighbor.  I would have visited her more and just been a friend.”

I shared with Holly that this conviction is also a way the Lord grows us and builds us for our next witness opportunity. Then I shared this story with Holly.

My pastor’s wife, Mrs. Robbins, who was also my Sunday School teacher, shared with the class one day how she felt so bad that earlier that week she was busy helping a visiting missionary unload her car and preparing the evening meal. Then she noticed her neighbor and said hello to her and asked how she was doing. And the lady said, that she had been felling very discouraged. 

Mrs Robbins told her she was sorry and thought to herself, “I am so busy with the missionary and supper. I will go call on her tomorrow.”   My dear pastor’s wife shared with us what a hard lesson it was for her to learn, but she would never forget because her neighbor took her own life that evening.  She shared that illustration to help us to realize that we need to use every opportunity to witness to others for Christ or pray with them as needed.

Let’s be thankful for opportunities to point people to Jesus and pray for wisdom to use those opportunities to pray for and witness to people in times of need.  

By the way that could be anytime. Often when you least expect it.  Be prepared with gospel tracts, a good Scripture memorized and then ask God to give you openings.   Then jump right in and seize the opportunity.

“But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and be ready always to give an answer to every man who asketh you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear.”

I Peter 3:15

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