December 17, 2017         Jane’s Heart to Heart   …Pastor’s Help-Mate

I borrow this from our son Ken’s post on FB Friday.

It is just an extension of last weeks Heart to Heart.

Here is a story from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association website with an additional comment at the end:

“Have you ever been tempted to doubt the impact you can make for the Kingdom? Have you ever thought, “God can’t use me; I’m just a simple [fill in the blank].” Most people have never heard of Edward Kimball, but the results of his faithfulness to God are known across the globe. How? Read on and see what God did after this Sunday school teacher dared to share his faith with others.

A Sunday school teacher named Edward Kimball won a shoe store clerk to Jesus—his name was D.L. Moody.

D.L. Moody traveled to England and awakened the heart of a young pastor —F.B. Meyer.

F.B. Meyer became one of the great Bible expositors, came to the U.S.A. and preached on college campuses, and was used to convert a student to Christ—Wilbur Chapman.

Wilbur Chapman attended one of Moody’s meetings in Chicago and became D.L. Moody’s co-worker.

Wilbur Chapman employed an ex-baseball player as his assistant—Billy Sunday.

Billy Sunday became a great evangelist and preached in Charlotte, North Carolina, at a meeting organized by the Billy Sunday Layman’s Evangelistic Club (renamed Christian Business Men’s Committee or CBMC).

CBMC invited an evangelist to Charlotte; his name was Mordecai Ham.

Mordecai Ham preached in the tent meeting where Billy Graham was saved.

Billy Graham has proclaimed the Gospel to millions across the globe, and many lives have been changed forever.”

One of the millions of people Billy Graham influenced for Christ was a young sailor grieving the death of his grandmother waiting in a bus station to return to Great Lakes Naval Air Station. His eyes fell on a copy of Billy Graham’s book “Peace With God.” Soon he had peace with God. He has walked faithfully with God for many, many years. I know him well. He led me to Christ—in family devotions when I was only five years old. He is my Dad.

Start a gospel conversation with someone today. You never know where it will end—or if it will ever end.

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