Living in a Cozy Country Parsonage

Here I am sitting in my favorite swing ( a gift from my folks) in the breezeway, with the setting sun, streaming into the west window with my feet up on the rocking  foot stool and writing this article about our cozy country parsonage.

My sweet thoughtful husband came into my office a few weeks ago while our grandchildren, Levi and Grace, were visiting and we were still wishing it was spring and said, “O.K.,   you need to go out to the breezeway  see my surprise.”

I figured he did something silly or put our stuffed lamb out there, so I didn’t get in a hurry to go out.

Not much time passed when he came and with a disappointed tone to his voice reminded me of his “Surprise”.

So I reluctantly pulled myself up from my chair where I was teaching Grace how to crochet  and wandered out to the breezeway a little perturbed at being disturbed.

Well when I opened the door I was a bit ashamed of myself and I was truly delighted because I realized the significance of his disappointment.

There in the breezeway sitting in the only place it could possibly fit was my swing which I love.  On the other side of the room was my “bird cage” swing, a name he coined for my wicker swing that looks like a bird cage. I also love to sit in it too but hangs from  just one spring  which breaks periodically and so we removed it from the living room since the way that I fixed it, with three pieces of close hanger, was not too pretty.

Last summer I went out two times into  the yard under our nice shade trees to sit in my swing and was eaten alive by the mosquitos and bombed by bees.

Ken has about all he can do to drag that swing up and down the steps to please me and to keep it out of the weather in the winter and out doors for me in the spring.

What he  was trying to do was make a place for me to get out of my office and closer to the out doors with out getting any more skin cancer and not be eaten alive by bugs.

To do that he had to move my scooter, the generator, and the Adirondack chair out of the breezeway where they were being stored for the winter and into the garage and lawnmower shed.  To move that chair he had to clean out the whole shed.

I love it, today is the first day it has been warm enough for me to come out here and enjoy it.  Due to the beautiful sunset it is warmer now than it was earlier today. It is now 7:30 PM and I am so thankful for my dear man who goes to so much trouble to make me comfortable.

So if you are looking for me this summer you guessed it, I will be out here in the cozy country parsonage breezeway where I can see up Hadley Road from my swing in the breezeway and when the door is opened I can even see the mirrored reflection of the traffic going by and the front of the church,  in the door window.

This will truly be a blessing to me.

Psalm 103:2 Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits: