O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus

Samuel T. Francis, 1875 (1834-1925)

O the deep, deep love of Jesus,
Vast, unmeasured, boundless, free!
Rolling as a mighty ocean
In its fullness over me!
Underneath me, all around me,
Is the current of Thy love
Leading onward, leading homeward
To Thy glorious rest above!

O the deep, deep love of Jesus,
Spread His praise from shore to shore!
How He loveth, ever loveth,
Changeth never, nevermore!
How He watches o’er His loved ones,
Died to call them all His own;
How for them He intercedeth,
Watcheth o’er them from the throne!

O the deep, deep love of Jesus,
Love of every love the best!
‘Tis an ocean full of blessing,
’tis a haven giving rest!
O the deep, deep love of Jesus,
’tis a heaven of heavens to me;
And it lifts me up to glory,
for it lifts me up to Thee!

This song is so precious to me…

I praise Him for His presence in my life and the strength that only He can give to carry on.

It has been such a blessing the past few weeks to have our daughter, Melony and her family in our church services… It is such a joy to be able to hear her lovely voice in the small congregation…to have the hopping little feet of Andrea as she tries to walk on he heels in her nicely polished white shoes in her pretty little Sunday dress, hair all neatly arranged and her happy little face… to have Andy with his sweet disposition as he often snuggles lovingly up to me… to have Seth who listens so intently in the Sunday School class and is able to quote Scriptures from the Bible Memory book and to have Tim helping with handing out song books and ushering when he isn’t with his dad, Jim, who has been preaching in Ohio and finishing up with some of the loose ends in Ohio and also doing his driving job to keep food on the table.

Lord, I thank you for allowing me the joy of having them close at least for a while.

I always prayed for my parents when we were away in the ministry, that He would send someone in my place to minister to them and their needs and he did that in so many wonderful ways.

I also pray for my children and grandchildren that they will have people in there churches and ministries that will do things with them that I wish that I could do, and I have seen that prayer answered many times.

God is so good.

I lift up my hands to the Lord in Praise.


Everyday we have the privilege of lifting our voice in praise, which can be a form of Prayer..

“Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God concerning you. Quench not the Spirit.” I Thessalonians 5:16-19

You say, “I can’t sing!”
Psalm 100:1 Says… “Make a joyful noise unto the LORD.”

You can read good hymns and commit them to memory. You can quote or read Scriptures.

You can also do as I did when I was a small child… I used to make up the tune myself and if you have read my testimony you will see that I used to lay the hymnal on the ground and lay on my tummy in the swing and sing. Often I had to make up the tune because I didn’t not know what is was.

We who know the Lord can and should have a song in our hearts and if we don’t we are “Quenching the Spirit”.

My heart was blessed this past week when one of the young ladies in our church called and wanted my advise about her special number. She had a hymal at home and was working on several songs and she really did not know the tune, but she had practiced and studied the words and sang as unto the Lord.

What a blessing it was for me to listen to her do her best to sing His Praise. God will bless her efforts.

Are you lifting your voice in praise to your Saviour?

Try it, you will be blessed and others around you will also be blessed.

“Amazing Love, How Can It Be”

50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Ken & Jane 50th Wedding Anniversary1.jpgWe are praising the Lord for 50 Blessed Years Together and for the way He has met our needs and blessed us with a wonderful family.

December 24th, 2005

50th Wedding Anniversay

Hobbies and interests

I love singing and teaching voice and bell choirs.

I enjoy sewing, crocheting, keeping a prayer journal and computer.

I am interested in establishing a web page to encourage and help people who have a  colostomy.

Meet my family

My husband Ken and I have one girl and three boys. They are all married and  serving the Lord faithfully.

Melony & Jim with just three of their eleven children living at home now in Brooklyn, MI.

Ken & Lois with eight children, ministering at the Evangel Baptist Church  in  Taylor MI.

Kevin & Carolyn with eight children and are pastoring at Higgins Lake, MI.

Nathan & Jennifer with five children. Nathan is Minister of Music at Northeastern Baptist Church in Kalamazoo, MI.

What Happened To Church Music?

by Kenneth F. Pierpont, D.Min.


The subject of this paper will not be a happy one to a number of church people. It is regrettable that the subject has to be addressed at all. The problem is a blight sweeping over the land. The mission and programs of God’s churches are being heavily impacted. The blight is that of Rock Music!

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