Jane’s Heart to Heart ….Pastor’s Helpmate

parsonageThis blog is my effort to encourage the ladies of the church to seek the Lord by reading His Word, the Holy Bible, and seek HIs face in prayer.

After 54 + years of living in the Parsonage being my Husband’s / Pastor’s  wife, I have found that my favorite place to live is in the parsonage right next door to the church.

Since my dear Pastor will be 80  in May and I will be 75, we consider this ministry our retirement ministry, even though we seem to be just as busy as we have ever been our past ministry.

Our little country church consists of quite a few couples with 50 + years of marriage.   This is truly an honor which we have never experienced before.

Our years of ministry have consisted of a burden for  starting new churches  (three) and working at school teaching and other employment as needed while my husband/pastor and I ministered in  small struggling churches.

We are so thankful for the many experiences and blessings beyond measure.

There truly is JOY in Serving Jesus.

Beginning in April I will be starting a new ministry to our ladies as a part of the Morning Worship service called…

“JANE’S HEART TO HEART” …from the heart of the Pastors Helpmate”