My Desire for a Beautiful Trellis of Clematis

My Desire for a Beautiful Trellis of Clematis


Ken and I often called on our Dear Friend  and member of the Jonesville Baptist Church, Blanche Dietz. She had such a precious testimony and often our church family provided meals for her in her shut-in years. She loved the Lord and had many video tapes of Adrian Rogers and Jack Van Impe.

Sometimes about 10 AM during school time Ken would run over to her house and whip her up some scrambled eggs.   She would devour them as if she had not eaten for a long time.  Many sweet memories of our dear sister in Christ.

She had a beautiful vine of Clematis which spread to the roof  on her front porch in Jonesville  at the Evergreen Estates  and I loved to see them in full bloom every year as we called on her so often.

Today in response to  a Group on FaceBook (I am participating) to  “Read the New Testament in a year” the leader of the group, Liza Miller asked us to comment on a favorite flower.  This triggered my memory about the above  picture which i took of the flower I had on the dining room table, of the one Clematis that I had purchased on the sale table at our WalMart store. Eventually  I planted it in the yard of the parsonage in Portersville OH while Ken was pastor there at the Zion Christian Union Church….. in 2007.  I wanted so much to see that vine grow but the Lord lead us back to Michigan and I keep thinking about trying again.

I told Ken today and he said, “Put it on the grocery list” so  this week I will try again. I also want to have a trellis with Clematis climbing to the top to enjoy in the summer.

I am excited about this venture.   Watch this site for progress and pictures.