January 4, 2014     Jane’s Heart to Heart  …Pastor’s Help-Mate

January 4, 2014 Jane’s Heart to Heart …Pastor’s Help-Mate

God’s Expectations of Us vs Our Expectations of God?

As a Christian teacher I have often taught young people and adults various skills, such as voice, handbells, piano and the academics.  Often certain students were weak in Math but very gifted in  Art. Likewise some  did not seem to have any creative skills and were very successful academically.

I had a high standard for conduct and appearance during performances because family and parents would be in attendance and I desired a positive experience for both student and parent. The appreciation was as great for each performance of lesser or greater difficulty levels.

There was a time when I would wonder if some would ever be able to accomplish the task. The more experienced I became the more I realized that each person is created to be what God wants him to be.  Some students have to work very hard to maintain an average grade at best and others seem to be able to succeed in every area with ease.  Does that mean that we should not challenge either to higher expectations.

Having raised a budding  concert pianist we have attended countless recitals where as  he was the first pianist on the program rated as to his ability level and in later years sitting through the whole program  to hear him as the  last person on the program. Some of the times as his parent, even though he did well, we knew it was not his best. Just a few weeks ago we were brought to tears over his obvious dedication to the task.

Does God want us to be satisfied with status quo in our lives?  Of course not… Colossians 3:23 [in the Amplified Bible] says: “Whatsoever you do, do it heartily, for the Lord,, and not for men. Knowing that from the Lord you will receive an inheritance as a reward, Christ is the Lord for whom you work as a slave.”

Often we do the same thing in our thinking about God with respect to our public worship….it is natural and right of course that it should be of highest quality and that we should give Him our very best.  Yet, we do not want to come to the conclusion that God is not honored by our humble efforts as compared  to a highly professional performance. The real issue is God wants our best. We are His servants.

Our God has the capacity to hold both Big and Small in His mind.  We need to do our part to honor Him is everything that we do for HIS Glory, not for our own glory. He knows if it is our best.

One day a young man proudly strutted up to the platform to speak and did an inferior job and came down with his head held low..

An elderly lady said to him later….  “Sonny, if you had gone up like you came down, you could have come down like you went up!”