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Morning Inspiration with Pastor Merritt

I have two brothers that I love dearly and we really do have the kind of relationship that brothers ought to have. However, of the three of us, the brother that is the most different is the middle brother, Mike. If you don’t know Mike he sits on the front row of our services every Sunday morning at 9:30 am. Mike is hearing impaired, but he wasn’t born that way.

When he was just a baby he developed a fever that went so high that it cooked the nerves in his ears and left him almost 100% deaf and somewhat mentally disabled. My mom and dad sacrificed an unbelievable amount of money and material things taking him to schools from Georgia to Florida so he could learn first to speak in sign language and then learn to talk.

Because of those disabilities, his brothers have had opportunities he hasn’t. His brothers have been able to do things he can’t. Doors have been opened to us that won’t be open to him. Physically and mentally we have advantages he doesn’t.

What amazes me about my brother is not what he has not been able to accomplish, but what He has. He could have easily said, “Life hasn’t been fair to me” and made a strong case. He could have moaned and complained when he looked at his healthy brothers and then looked at himself and simply said, “What happened to me was just plain wrong!”

Yet, all of my life my older brother has been a hero to me. He has never dwelt on what went wrong. He has always focused on what has gone right. He has never complained about what he can’t do, but he has always concentrated on what he could do.

There is a reason for that. All of his life he somehow managed to look for the right behind the wrong. My brother has taken some of the toughest shots life can deal out, but he is still standing.

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