Dec. 27, 2015  Jane’s Heart to Heart    …. Pastor’s Help Mate


As we approach the new year in the next few days, I would like to challenge each of you today to ask yourself this question.

What is your greatest concern for the New Year?   

People rarely feel comfortable in their own skin.  Many of us live with deep insecurities that we carefully mask when we are in the public.  The thought of letting people see our real self is scary because we are flawed. So fear holds us back. We post flattering pictures of ourselves on Facebook and carefully hide all the ugly parts of our appearance and personality.

Comparison is like an addiction. Once we start, we can’t seem to stop. We feel insecure when our friends are prettier, more cultured, or have better jobs or marriages. We are confronted with images of models and movie stars, and we feel unworthy by comparison. We long for something to distinguish us, something to make us stand out, something to give us a sense that we are worth something. Our longing for attention puts us in a vulnerable position.

A new year gives us a chance to start again. To be a better person than we were the year before. But it is no secret that most resolutions fail. Good intentions can’t transform a frog into a prince. So our fresh hope crumbles before January is through.

But what if your resolution was to find contentment with who you really are? What if you could uproot your insecurity and finally be free of it?

Following is a summary of Nancy DeMoss (Wolgamuth’s) Devotional for Dec.22-31

P-  PRAYER- Ask for wisdom, help to be faithful, disciplined and obedient.

R-  REVIEW –  the priority of walking with GOD

I-   INVENTORY – are your priorities according to God’s will. Keep a 15 minute log for 24 hours.

O-  ORDER- be careful not to let the hours slip away with nonessentials

R-  RESIST – being distracted by non essentials and try to discern  God given interruptions.

I-   INPUT – be sure you stay tuned with God and wise counsel.

T-  TIME – how wise and intentional are you in using spare time.

I-   IDENTITY- “Little foxes” Sol. 2:15  Catch the foxes for us, the little foxes that spoil the vineyards”, or  “fox trails”

E-  EXPERIENCE- Learn to experience the moments as they come, at their fullest, as from the LORD.